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While our first recommendation would always be to repair any damage to your windscreen, sometimes the level and/or location of the damage means the whole windscreen needs to be replaced.

At National Windscreens, you can feel confident knowing when we replace your windscreen, we only use high quality glass. All our stock is sourced from specialist glass suppliers with all glass chosen to meet the Australian Standard AS/NZS2080:2006 or equivalent International Standards.

NW technicians are the best in the industry and always follow correct procedures with all windscreen replacements. This is especially important in later model cars which are bonded in place with a urethane adhesive, which provides structural strength. If correct procedures aren’t meticulously followed problems will occur and vehicle strength will be jeopardised.

It’s why Victorians rely on NW Windscreen Replacements for the fastest and best quality windscreen replacements.


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Do I need to repair or replace?

We understand time and money are important factors. For this reason our rapid response team will always try to repair your existing windscreen before replacing it with a new one. However, the type, size and position of the damage may mean that we recommend that the whole windscreen needs to be replaced.

How do you repair a chip?

A vacuum method is used to draw out air from the damaged area, which is then injected with an acrylic resin. Once set, the resin has a similar strength and transparency to the glass. If your motor insurance covers glass damage, our windscreen chip repair could be carried out free and it won't normally affect your no claims bonus. NW Chip Repairs are a preferred repairer for most major insurance companies and can help you with your insurance claim if you need.

How long can I leave it before getting my windscreen chip replaced?

You should get a windscreen chip repaired as soon as you spot it. A windscreen chip could turn into a crack at any time, often when you are least expecting it. If this happens when you are driving, it could have a serious effect on your safety. Repairing a chip is quicker than replacing a whole windscreen and only takes 30 minutes, saving you time and money. Especially when you call the rapid response team. Remember, if a windscreen chip is in the driver's line of vision, it only has to be bigger than 15mm for your windscreen to fail its registration check.

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chip repairs

It’s important to repair a chip quickly before it turns into a crack. Call the rapid response team.




Windscreen cracks can’t be repaired. But our rapid response team can replace your windscreen in no time.




A scratched windscreen may need a replacement (even if the damage seems small). We’ll have you driving safely again in no time.



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When you need a windscreen replacement, our rapid response team guarantees the fastest response, and a high quality job with a lifetime guarantee.