Rear Window Repairs

Hassle-Free Rear Window Replacement & Repair Service

Collisions and other road accidents can cause serious damage to the rear windows of your car. These situations make the car un-roadworthy, necessitating prompt car rear window repair or replacement to ensure that your vehicle is safe. Fortunately, the experts at National Windscreens can provide rear window replacement and repair services to get your car back on the road.

Reasons to Choose Us

National Windscreens is proud to have the largest network of car window specialists across Australia. Our rapid response team will converge on your location thanks to our mobile vans to promptly assess the condition of your rear windows, determining whether repairs will be sufficient or complete replacement is necessary. We can come to you whether you need rear window repairs in Cranbourne or anywhere else across Australia. In addition:

  • We operate seven workshops, making us one of the largest and most successful windscreen companies in Melbourne
  • Our large fleet of vehicles means that we can respond to your requests for assistance quickly
  • We pride ourselves on our workmanship, personalised customer service and competitive pricing
  • All of our work is covered by a lifetime guarantee for your satisfaction and peace of mind
  • We stock all types of windscreens / glass for a range of vehicle makes and models, including the odd vent shapes found in the rear windows of most cars
  • We use the highest quality glass sourced from Australia and internationally

You can rely on us to recommend the best possible option and provide competitive quotes. Our car rear window replacement and repair services have you covered.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Rear Window?

Our rear window replacement price is affordable and competitive, but the exact cost will depend on the type, size and quality of the glass. We can assess your vehicle and provide an accurate quote on the spot that you can then either accept or reject.

How Do You Replace a Rear Window?

You shouldn’t replace a rear window unless you’re sufficiently trained. At National Windscreens, our team can inspect, remove and replace damaged glass while removing any debris. We have years of experience with car rear window replacement on big car brands like Volkswagen and Subaru through to BMW, KIA, Ford and more. We can get the job done for vehicles of all makes and models.

Can You Drive with a Smashed Back Window?

You can, although it’s not ideal. But as long as you have both side mirrors intact, it’s not strictly illegal to drive a car with a smashed back window. For prompt car rear window repair, call us to book chip repairs or our crack repair service.

Can a Rear Car Window Shatter On Its Own?

Sometimes, but this isn’t common. The most common causes for spontaneous breakage include barely perceptible damage during installation that develops over time, or extreme temperatures.

Does Insurance Cover Rear Window Replacement?

It depends on your policy, but many insurance providers cover broken glass from rear windows. Be sure to check the stipulations of your policy to know for certain.

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Look no further than National Windscreens when you need professional car rear window replacement or repair. Contact us today for more information and further assistance. Simply call us on 1300 36 36 32, fill out our simple online enquiry form to make an enquiry, or book online for an appointment to get your broken rear window repaired or replaced.

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