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Windscreen Insurance Claims

Discovering that your car has a damaged window and finding someone who offers repairs and replacements can be difficult enough without worrying about insurance claims. At National Windscreens, we can help make your life easier when it comes to processing windscreen insurance claims in Melbourne and Australia wide.

Our experts can take care of the procedures and help you navigate the various obstacles involved with windscreen insurance claims. We understand that ringing your insurance company and filling out all the paper work can be time-consuming.  By billing your insurance company directly, we can eliminate the hassle associated with your windshield insurance cover and allow you to focus on getting your vehicle restored.

A Preferred Repairer

National Windscreens is an accredited member of the National Windscreen Group as well as the Auto Glass Association. By meeting the standards of these reputable organisations, we not only offer the best windscreen repairs and replacement services, but also provide unmatched assistance with windshield insurance cover in Melbourne and Australia. Our independent company is considered a preferred repairer for most major insurance companies, including RACV, Budget Direct, Hollard and many more. We can also provide a complete tinting service that carries our standard lifetime guarantee on workmanship.

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If you need more information and assistance regarding windscreen insurance claims, the team at National Windscreens can help. Contact our friendly staff to learn more and discuss your requirements, or request a free windscreen replacement quote online.

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